Sunday, May 23, 2010


tonight, a friend called me "notorious j. schwartz."
this is what i had to say in return:

they call me norotious j

keep your mind whirlin' every which way

can't tell whether you up, or you down, or you smilin', or you frown

i make you think that the ground is blue, that the sky is brown

keep you mixin up your predicates, your subjects, your verbs and your nouns

you think you're the king of words, but i am wearing the crown

i take you to the royal ball, and you wear a gown

teach you how to step, how to twirl, how to slide, and bow down

i am the city mouse and you're from the town

if my rhymes were a SWAT team, this would be the crackdown

i dance for the touchdown, i land for the splashdown, i am the anchor for the rundown, i throw the lever for the meltdown

i make your mind up so nice, that i give it a turndown

no tip, this is for free

get some talcum powder and rough towels, as i'm giving you a rubdown

~jss, 5/23/10