Sunday, December 12, 2004

here we go!

Man, no one seems to appreciate country music. I mean i come from the east anyway, and the northeast at that. I go to school now in that most urban of urbanities, thee city of new york, where classes in detached irony and smugness are required. Not only that, but in attending an "ivy league" school (well, kind of...) one must not indulge in such categorically sincere and patriarchal rot. When did it become a crime to mean something through and through? i appreciate irony very much (without i would be even less funny...) but with only irony, life devolves into this husk of semiotic self-referencing and disscociation. Irony has its good points: it's funny and helps us put personal issues into perspective; it leads to a non-triumphalistic perspective, a non-chauvanistic idea structure. But at what cost? why do we stop caring about things? Is it because the afore-mentioned perspective has diminished all issues to miniscule points on our teliological canvas? Why can't we live in a balance of recognizing our possibility of error and gradiose posturing, but still throw in that effort of inserting our emotional involvement into everything we do?

i think we can. and that's why i listen to country music.

more on what i have learned from country music in my next post.



Becky said...

I grow impatient

Poetariat said...

"When did it become a crime to mean something through and through?"

If you've got something to say, SAY IT. If you're going to say something, MEAN IT. We're a dying breed, you know, those of us sincere people in the world. We're being molded and changed into "better" functioning memebers of society because expressing one's feelings in subtle or indirect ways is suddenly en vogue. It's a way of showing off the complexities of the human intellect. Somewhere in that shuffle, the beauty of unabashed, direct sentiment was lost.

The critics call us politically incorrect. Sometimes even romantics, or lunatics. It's just like in The Stranger where the prosecution has no idea what to do with Meursault, so they paint him as a morally reprehensible, cold-blooded murderer. Society is too afraid to embrace what's different, so they cast it aside. Such is what seems to have happened to country music.

PS- Kenny Chesney is hilarious.

Rooster said...

I really dig what you said about Country music, and no one else who gets it. If a person dont like Country music, most the time they havent really given it a chance, and are narrow minded, which is exactly what they think of Country music, that it is narrow minded "white" music, when really it is very deep stuff, i my self prefer the older styles, but to each thier own, right?